Presentations & Trainings


As a prescribing medical psychologist and board-certified neuropsychologist, Dr. Wilson provides presentations and training on a variety of healthcare topics that may be of interest to you or your organization.  Dr. Wilson has presented in a variety of settings, including conference workshops, academic lectures, and keynote presentations.  Examples of presentation topics include:



Culturally & Linguistical Appropriate Evaluations with D/HH/DB Individuals

Documentation and the Deaf Patient

Motivational Interviewing with Deaf Individuals

Overcoming Burnout

The Deaf Individual in a Forensic Setting

Self-Care for the Rehabilitation Professional or Counselor

Deaf & DeafBlind Cultural Issues

Audism in Academic & Vocational Settings

Learning Disabilities in the Deaf Population

Addressing Anxiety Disorders

Attaining Valid Evaluations for Deaf Individuals

Forging Pathways Despite Communication Barriers

Addressing Compassion Fatigue & Stress

Building Bridges in the Workplace in the Face of Injustice

Language Deprivation & Etiological Considerations

Tearing Down Obstacles to Success

Beginning the Journey to Oz: Embracing Cross-Disciplinary Partnership

Addictions and What You Can Do

Risk Factors for Dementia Among Our D-HH

Other presentation topics can be created from scratch to accommodate your organization’s needs.  Just schedule a consultation with Dr. Wilson to discuss potential topics for your event!