We provide psychiatric medication management services to Idaho residents! Read more.

Psychiatric Medication Management

As a partner in your care, we use our informed experience in many areas to find the solution that works for you. We also seek to accommodate your specific lifestyle. After all, no two people are alike. That’s why we are dedicated to building a relationship with you and understanding the unique challenges you face so we can prescribe treatment based on medically sound practice.


Together, we will uncover what’s needed to get you back on track to your true self. We believe that getting back to your true self involves a holistic, multi-modal approach to treatment that can include medication and psychotherapy. We strive to ensure that you feel heard while receiving holistic care.

1) Intake

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2) Connect

Via our virtual appointment, we’ll discuss your treatment options.

3) Treatment

We will work together to create your customized treatment plan.

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Telepsychiatry & Telehealth Services

Wilson Clinical Services offers telepsychiatry or telehealth for Idaho residents. We are able to extend our in-office psychiatry services to you. Evening and weekend hours are available.

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Dr. Jaime A.B. Wilson

Works with D/HH/DB, Blind, & Hearing Children & Adults

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Dr. Brandon Henscheid

Works with Children & Adults