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Our Services

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Psychopharmacology is the study of medications to treat psychological health. WCS’s prescribing medical psychologists are here to help you find the medication solution that works for you. We are dedicated to keeping current on psychopharmacology to prescribe the most appropriate medication to help improve your overall quality of life. Read more about our psychopharmacology services here.

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Comprehensive Psychological & Neuropsychological Evaluations

Basic psychological or neuropsychological assessments are a unique service because they provide knowledge about what may be limiting an individual from reaching his or her full potential.  For example, a person may have ADHD and not be receiving the help he or she needs.  With an assessment and proper diagnosis, the individual can receive appropriate treatment.  With the proper treatment, the individual may be better able to function in everyday life which can lead to an overall improvement in quality of life.


An evaluation may be needed to qualify to receive specific aid or services, such as disability income.  A clinical diagnosis can provide individuals with an understanding of the basis of their problems and pave the way to receive appropriate interventions and help.  Accommodations in a specific setting, such as extended testing time in an academic setting, is another area that may require a diagnosis from a qualified professional.

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Psychotherapy & Counseling Services

Wilson Clinical Services offers a wide range of different types of therapy which include individual, couples, family, and group therapy.  Making the commitment to invest in therapy can be a worthwhile goal that can lead to a lifetime of rewards.  Whether you seek out therapy for help with marital problems, everyday life stresses, anxiety, depression, personal issues, or simply to better understand yourself as an unique individual, therapy can help you to better cope with life’s demands.  In essence, the ultimate purpose of therapy is to help individuals achieve their own definition of success and to lead healthy, balanced, and satisfying lives.


Years of rigorous scientific research has proven that psychotherapy works, although some treatments may work better than others.  Wilson Clinical Services strives to provide the most effective treatment based on the current research.  Your progress is continually tracked to ensure that you are achieving your therapy goals.

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Forensic Services

An array of forensic services and evaluations are offered for those with hearing losses.  Examples of forensic evaluations include competency assessments, Miranda Rights, risk assessments, and custody evaluations. Wilson Clinical Services recognizes the right of individuals to receive services and assessment evaluations in a language they can comfortably understand.

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Group Therapy & Interpersonal Development

Want to learn how to impress on a job interview, develop better relationships with others, or simply want to interact with other deaf peers in a safe and fun setting?  The various interpersonal development classes offered may be for you!  Examples of classes offered include a 12 week Job Club course, a “Stop Audism” support group, and various group therapy programs.  Check out the Interpersonal Development page to see what courses are being offered at this time.

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Psychoeducational Assessments & School Interventions

As we all know, schools have had their fair share of crises of late with shootings, bullying, and violence.  Wilson Clinical Services offers school interventions that include helping a school to prepare for response to crises.  Schools need to have a plan to respond to a crisis in a manner that protects the physical and emotional safety of everyone involved, including the students, parents, and staff.  Prevention planning services can include development of crisis response plans, provision of services to affected groups in the immediate aftermath of a crisis, or interventions for individuals with ongoing mental health problems following a crisis.


Psychological assessments to develop Individualized Education Plans (IEP’s) are also offered.  An IEP can help school staff know how best to work with an individual in order to maximize that person’s educational potential.  These types of assessments may help an individual to qualify for Special Education or Section 504 accommodations.

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Organizational Consultations

Sometimes an organization can plateau in its overall progress or struggle to maintain morale among its staff and employees.  Wilson Clinical Services offers organizational consultations that can help assess and correct problem areas for an organization.  Interventions can also be created to help organizations implement programs that will help to improve its quality of services.  These services are also offered on a smaller scale in the form of business coaching.  Business coaching may involve helping individuals to make decisions to maximize their business effectiveness.  Hiring and promotional evaluations to maximize a company or business’s potential for success are also offered.

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Case Management & Consultation

Difficult cases may, on occasion, require outside consultation to overcome specific obstacles.  Advice based on current scientific research and knowledge can sometimes be just what is needed to achieve a break through in a case.  A consultation can inform and create interventions to help an individual progress towards goals.  For example, an in-patient hospital with a deaf patient may benefit from a consultation to suggest specific ways to ensure that the individual’s communication and treatment needs are met.

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Assistance or collaboration with research projects is offered.  Such assistance may include help conducting a literature review, analyzing statistical data, writing up research findings, or readying a manuscript for professional publication.  A research collaboration can be just what is needed to bring a project to a successful completion.

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In order to provide professional services to the general public, many states require completion of a number of hours towards licensure or certification.  A variety of supervisory services are offered to help students, pre-certified, or unlicensed individuals attain the needed hours in order to achieve their goals.

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Telepsychiatry & Telehealth

Live to far away too make it in for face-to-face services? No worries. WCS offers telepsychiatry and telehealth services by way of secure HIPAA video platforms. Contact us to find out more information.